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Standard Deviation Trio: Leonard Thompson (pn), Matt Wilson (dr)

Assadullahi Trio-30

The Hashem Assadullai Quintet & Sextet w/ Ron Miles

Hashem Assadullahi (saxes), Ron Miles (tpt), Justin Morell (gt), Josh Tower (bs) Jason Palmer (dr)  **Ryan Biesack(dr) & James Miley(pn)

Pretty**: This is a fun little ditty featuring a 60’s pop song groove and a simple, hummable melody.  I think you can really hear the fun we’re having!  This video was made by my brother Rashad Assadullahi.

Feign: This is a movement from my Strange Neighbor Suite.  This is my NYC quintet featuring Alan Ferber, Leonard Thompson, Tyler Abbott(visiting from Eugene), and Matt Wilson live at Korzo Konceptions Series.

Here is the band playing Pretty Live at Jimmy Mak’s in Portland.

Nothing Special**: A simple understated tune featuring our wonderful rhythm section.

Hypothesis A The Feign: The Strange Neighbor Suite is a collection of pieces based on a synthetic scale, each movement composed to create a sound portrait of fictional and actual characters from my childhood neighborhood in Texas.  The Feign is the first movement of the suite using an additive melodic concept presented intermittently with group improvisation over a energized bass ostinato.  Available on the CD Strange Neighbor: Hashem Assadullahi Quintet Feat: Ron Miles

Hypothesis C The Geneticist: is the third installment of the suite utilizing angular melodic lines, odd meters, and quirky counterpoint ala Tim Berne.  This portion is inspired by your local mad scientist. Available on the CD Strange Neighbor: Hashem Assadullahi Quintet Feat: Ron Miles

Near… far… is an hommage to the great Sesame Street skit featuring the lovable blue muppet Grover demonstrating the difference between NEAR… & far… Available on the CD Strange Neighbor: Hashem Assadullahi Quintet Feat: Ron Miles

For more demo’s click the cover of our CD The Strange Neighbor:

Safety Buffalo- For the Herd

Safety Buffalo- For the Herd

Safety Buffalo: Hashem Assadullahi (saxes), Alan Ferber (tbn), Leonard Thompson (keys), Peter Brendler(e-bass)

Playing our theme song Safety Buffalo w/ our special guest guitarist, Dan Duval from Portland, OR.

Performing a tune I came up while stopped at an intersection behind a Mini-Cooper, aptly titled Mini-Cooper.

The Hashem Assadullahi Trio: Peter Brendler (bs), Jason Palmer (dr)

anywhen jazz gallery

Douglas Detrick’s Anywhen Ensemble

Douglas Detrick(tpt), Steve Vacci(Bsn), Hashem Assadullahi(saxes) Shirley Hunt(cl), Ryan Biesack(dr)

Galloping Girdie: Douglas Detricks Anywhen Ensemble (Live): Galloping Girdie is a wiggly romp penned by my good friend Doug Detrick.  One of a series of pieces inspired by bridges, this is a sound scape of the famed Tacoma Narrows Bridge which would sway & swivel drastically when ever a stiff breeze would blow(thus the nick name) until its ultimate collapse into the Puget Sound.  This excerpt features myself with the very musical Ryan Biesack.  Like it?  Check out the album on the 4$ale page!

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